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Anonymous Asked: When my boyfriend and I have sex, I can't come before, or really have any stimulation because then I dry up, and the sex becomes painful. My boyfriend enjoys pleasing me, but I don't like not being able to have sex with him. I know lube is the obvious answer, but if you have any other ideas that'd be appreciated!! Thanks!!

Yes, LUBE! You answered your own question. lol

Also, make sure you’re doing plenty of foreplay. :) Focus on you! Have him do that thing that gets you hot and bothered (whether it be a strip tease or oral sex or idk cooking bacon naked… which I wouldn’t recommend… whatever gets you off) and make sure you’re wet before having sex. 

If having an orgasm beforehand is what’s causing it, then try not to do that… Some people can go over and over and some need a good break between an orgasm and starting up again.

Also, if dryness is an issue whether you do foreplay or not, I recommend seeing a doctor. It could be a result of medications you’re taking or something else (not trying to worry you or anything, it could be something really minor) and a gynecologist should be able to fix that right up or give you other advice so you can be more comfortable when you’re having sex. 

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Anonymous Asked: Would you classify someone sexually touching you while you're unconcious/sleeping as rape?

Rape/molestation, yes.

If someone’s unconscious or sleeping, they don’t have the ability to consent to you touching them. If they don’t say “yes” or don’t have the ability to say “yes,” that’s not okay. 

The only SLIGHT exception I KINDA think applies to this is if you’ve established with your partner that you don’t mind being woken up by a blowjob or by being touched sexually in a different way… But even that is pushing it. 

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WHO WANTS TO HELP ME BRING THIS BLOG BACK? Because I miss being on here and from looking in my ask box, some of you miss my posts too. lol

Long story short, I had to uninstall Norton Antivirus because it gave my laptop a virus (yup, you read that correctly). And being a broke-ass college student, I can’t afford to buy a new antivirus software right now. Which is the main reason for my recent hiatus (and the one before that).

And being an overly-paranoid “BUT WHAT IF I GET A VIRUS AND THEN THEY’LL KNOW I GOT IT FROM WATCHING PORN AND/OR DOING ILLEGAL THINGS” computer owner, I don’t wanna be lookin’ at porn (even on Tumblr) without some kind of good protection on my laptop. 


I have Avast on my computer right now, and it’s the basic free version. Which I trust a tiny bit. I want the GOOD VERSION. The one that costs a little. The one that I can’t afford right now because I’m a broke bitch. 

HOWEVER, if I get 21 friends to sign up for the FREE VERSION and start using it, I get the GOOD VERSION for free. FOR THREE YEARS. That’s a $99 value!! FOR FREE JUST BECAUSE 21 OF YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE SIGNED UP. (I know I should do infomercials because I’m totally selling this right??) 

It’s free.

No this isn’t a scam (something personal a scam/hacker wouldn’t know to post on my blog… My boyfriend might be moving in with me soon, or the other way around, so no more distance hopefully soon motherfuckersss!)

I miss you guys (and porn……………..)

You miss me (I think).

You’ll get the basic version (which is virus protection and malware protection and idk something else maybe) for free. Which my computer whiz friend says is a really good software (probably unless you run a porn blog and also watch the “weird stuff” you come across for shits and giggles). 

You can get the full/paid version for free too if as few as 7 of your friends join with your link.

My link is here.

Pleeeeeeeeease guys. 

Do it for the blog. And for me. And for your own computers if you’re broke bitches like me and don’t have antivirus softwares on your computers. =D


Sorry I’ll stop being annoying now and try logging in on my phone so I can add some stuff to the queue. haha

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